Meet Our Wonderful Staff

Meet the Hostel staff. The people that makes your stay so great! Learn more about what they like with their recommendations below. 

Alexandrine “Bob” : our Madelinienne! 

What is your favotire bar ? The Drague Cabaret Club. I love to dance and it’s the best dance floor in the city. 

What activity would you recommend to people ? It’s no secrets that i’m an animal lover. One of my favorite things to do is to visit the Aquarium of Québec. It has more than 300 species and it has activities for everyone. 

Where can I eat the best poutine ? My favorite place to go for a poutine is definitely Poutineville. Why you may ask, it’s because you can create your own. Come and see me at the reception and I’ll tell you how I like it!

What would you say is a must when you are in Quebec city? A walk in Petit Champlain. It’s particulary magical in winter, and it’s the oldest French-speaking neighborhood in North America. 


Samuel : The history freak!

What is you favorite place to grab a drink? At le Bateau de nuit. There’s a great punk-rock vibe!

Where do you like to go for a afternoon walk? I really enjoy walking along the Montmorency river. It’s a beautiful walk just a few miles from the hostel, it’s peaceful and resourcing. You can also contemplate the waterfalls. 

According to you Sam, where is the best poutine in town?  That’s a tough question, but I would have to say at Le Bureau de Poste. They have the best peppered fries and a surprise element, MAPLE BACON. Nothing more Québécois than that!

What would you recommend to our backpackers while visitig Quebec city for a couple of days? I would definitely recommend heading to Jacques-Cartier National Park. You have beautiful hikes for everyone, from easy to difficult and you can observe Quebec’s flora and fauna. 

Denis : Our favorite Belgian.

Denis, I’m craving a pizza where should I go ? Definitely Chez Nina. Cooked in 90 seconds in a wood-fired oven imported from Naples. A true delight, you will thank me!

I’m looking for a cool place to have a drink, what would you recommend? You should go to the Macfly. It’s a retro vibe bar with arcade games and great beer! 

What kind of activity would you recommend to a family ? During winter I love to skate. At Place d’Youville there’s a really charming skating rink. 

One last question for you, surprise me, tell me something I should do in Quebec city that I wouldn’t expect ? A visit to Limoilou. It’s a beautiful neighborhood not too far from the hostel. It has great architecture with an unusual element. Metal scraps from skate blades in the composition of handrails and guardrails. Pretty cool eh!